About the project

GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge

The GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge (GTEC) is a competition for students of upper grades of technical and vocational high schools with the aim of designing innovations in the field of green technology and developing an entrepreneurial way of thinking through practical work. 

The goals and expected outcomes of the GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge project are focused on the horizontal priority of the environment and the fight against climate change, which we can positively influence through educating and motivating students and teachers of technical vocational schools.

Project partners

Lean Startup Croatia

Lean Startup Croatia implements programs, projects, educations and organizes events to support individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations in their innovation and startup activities. Also, for people who are not entrepreneurs yet, we offer the opportunity to form their startup team and start their startup entrepreneurial career.

Startup Macedonia

Startup Macedonia was founded as a non-profit association of startups, creative entrepreneurs, accelerators and investors who work together to create an environment where innovation will be rewarded and new ideas turned into sustainable business. For 5 years, the organization has been working on connecting the Macedonian startup ecosystem and mapping the Macedonian startup community.


With this project we want:

To make students and teachers aware of the importance of green technologies

To encourage entrepreneurial way of thinking among students of vocational and technical schools

To create educational materials dealing with green technologies and entrepreneurship with the help of teachers and experts



Fill out the survey and help us create a curricular reform!

We believe that after graduation, technical school students will continue their professional development in industries that have a great impact on the environment, such as energy, transport and production.

We are interested to see if students of vocational and technical schools are aware of green technologies.

If you are a student of a technical school in Croatia, fill out the survey and help us create a curricular reform!


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GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge?