We want to influence the young generation before entering the labor market and their mindset about how they can create a green and prosperous future for themselves and their environment.

What do we offer schools by participating in the GTEC project?

  • A unique opportunity for students to participate in school and inter-school competitions
  • Education on the basics of the process of creating an entrepreneurial venture and developing innovations, as well as understanding and the role of green technologies in one’s own profession and education
  • Availability of teaching materials for independent maintenance of the teaching program
  • Mentoring support and education by experienced lecturers and moderators from the Croatian startup community
  • An opportunity to cooperate with companies from the industry that advocate for the development of green technologies

What do we expect from the school? ​

  • Motivation to participate
  • Desire to grow and develop tools and materials for curriculum improvement
  • Participation in the competition through student mentoring

Want to participate in the 

GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge?